Q for Quinn - Book + Socks (Types of Stripes

Q for Quinn - Book + Socks (Types of Stripes

Little White Sneakers

  • $38.00

Thoughtfully designed in Toronto, socks are gender neutral and made to be mismatched.

Through fun, bold prints with compatible patterns and colour schemes, our styles look like they match even when they don’t.

The result?

You spend a lot less time looking for socks…

…and your child has the freedom to mix and match patterns, giving them an opportunity to explore their uniqueness, embrace their individuality, and create a style of their own.  

Q for Quinn socks are made with certified organic combed cotton and seamless toes for total comfort, no matter how adventurous those little feet get.

Every collection comes with 3 pairs of socks for 9 possible pairings and plenty of fun opportunities to learn about patterns.

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