My Little Red Block by Ashley Adler Watt

My Little Red Block by Ashley Adler Watt

Ashley Adler

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Ashley is a wife and mother of two boys, a gymnastics coach and maker. She is a graduate of Queen's University, and owned and operated GymKats, a children's gymnastics and creativity studio in Toronto. She is passionate about writing and creating art and toys using a variety of materials.


One red block has so many possibilities. This is an imaginative tale about what happens when you let your creativity run wild.


What’s not to love about “My Little Red Block” by Ashley Adler Watt? From its fun-filled rhymes to its colorful drawings, this book is a treasure for parents and children who want to spend time using their imagination to play long before it’s actually playtime.

With this adorable book, bedtime is a time to anticipate countless ideas and possibilities. If one can visualize numerous things out of one little red block, how much more with other things that can trigger the creativity of children?


In this sense, this book is very educational and motivating. It helps develop a child’s mental agility and ingenuity. It enables them to create something extraordinary out of the simple things they can see. Thus, instead of being bored at times when there are no new toys or activities, the child applies what one has learned from the book and creates a world even adults couldn’t have thought about.

I love how this book immerses a 3D illustration of a little red block into drawings that looked like a child’s own work. Young ones are sure to be inspired not only to create various things out of building blocks but even to draw similar illustrations using their own pencils or crayons.

This is a book that can instantly capture a child’s attention and curiosity. This is also a book that can be read frequently without getting tired of it because children will always see something new each time it is read. Imaginative, playful and delightful, this is a book worth reading over and over again.

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