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Shopping Questions

Kids clothes sizes NB – 14 and shoes NB – big kid size 4. We upload hundreds of pieces every Wednesday - subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know when they are live!
Our clothes are in amazing condition! We spend hundreds of hours each month carefully evaluating each piece. We are VERY strict about the condition of the clothes and only accept clothes in excellent condition (or better!) . We rank each piece using the following scale: Brand New - These clothes are brand new, they have never been purchased (or worn) before! New with tags – These clothes have never been worn before but have been owned by a family. Maybe Grandma bought a size too small and Mom never got around to returning it…these clothes have never been worn before! Practically New – Might as well be new! There are no tags on these clothes - they may have been worn once or twice. When you see them, you would expect to see tags! Excellent Condition – These clothes have been washed a few times but are still in excellent condition. We do not sell clothes with stains, tears, fading or pilling.
Kids sizes vary among manufacturers. For each piece of clothing on our website, we list the manufacturer's size. We don’t buy clothes that have visibly shrunk. 

For each pair of shoes on our website, we list the Canadian/US equivalent of the manufacturer's size.  
If you have a question about sizing, please send us an e-mail!
Yes, we have two retail stores in Toronto - 597 Mount Pleasant Rd and 111 Roncesvalles Ave. No worries if you can't come by the store - we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you purchase a piece and are not completely satisfied, let us know!
We accept most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. You may also use your PayPal account and Apple Pay. 
We want our customers completely satisfied. If there is an issue, please send us an email at and we will resolve it!

Selling Questions

We are really picky when it comes to buying clothes - we want each piece to put a smile on its new owner’s face! Many of the clothes we do not purchase still have a lot of life in them! If you want your clothes back to pass along to your friends, no problem! We can also donate your clothes to our charity partner, New Circles and they can find a new home for them or recycle them. New Circles is looking for all sizes of clothing (not just kids!)
Experience tells us that you pay for what you get! The brands we sell are made with higher quality material that lasts longer. Click here to see which brands we accept and which ones we don’t accept.
See our selling page for more information on what we are currently accepting.