Clothes Don't Grow with your Kids


How does it work?

High-quality kids clothes can cost a lot of money. Wouldn't it be nice to get a little something in return?
Don't have the time or the patience to sell your kids' clothes yourself? LWS may be for you! We offer a concierge-style service where we process, photo, store and sell your outgrown kids' clothes for you. 
We accept drop-offs at our retail stores by appointment only! Please read our policies below and fill in the e-form further below if you are interested in selling to us.



  • Please review our Selling & Consignment Agreement. This agreement contains the terms and conditions under which we will buy or consign clothes from you. 
  • Please submit the e-form below which confirms that you agree to be bound by the Selling & Consignment Agreement. 
  • LWS will schedule you in for an appointment. Please note that we get A LOT of  requests to sell so it may take us up to a week to get back to you. We are usually close to capacity for "basic" baby-clothes (from brands like GAP, Gymboree and Zara).
  • Drop off your clothes during your scheduled appointment time
  • LWS will process your clothes and send you an invoice. We always send invoices on Wednesday morning - if you don't receive an invoice from us on the first Wednesday after you drop-off, you will receive it the following Wednesday. 
  • Review proposal
    • Choose upfront store credit or cash  - you can pick up your cash in store or we can send you an e-transfer for a nominal fee
    • Choose consignment - we offer consignment for higher-end clothes - you get more money this way, but you don't get paid until your clothes sell! 
  • Clothes not purchased can be picked-up at LWS's store (within one week of the date of your invoice) or donated to New Circles, LWS's fantastic charity partner.
  • Store credit must be used within one year of issuance.


High-quality brands (think Ralph Lauren, nununu, Mini Rodini, Burberry, Bonpoint) you would find in a boutique or high-end store 
New or practically new kids clothes in pristine condition, sizes NB-14
New or barely-worn shoes and boots in pristine condition, up to big kid size 4
In-style items or classic pieces that are still trendy 
Now accepting clothes for fall/winter
Costumes from the Pottery Barn or equivalent
Pjs or bathings suits that are new and have tags
High-quality toys that are new and have tags (limited intake)
Gear (ask us for details!)


    Don't Accept

    Not currently accepting jeans or dress shirts (unless unique or designer brands)
    Basic brands (think Joe Fresh, OshKosh, Old Navy & The Children’s Place) 
    Clothes with fade, stains, tears, broken zippers or other damage 
    Clothes missing brand tags, labels or buttons
    Onesies, sleepers, pjs (except NWT), underwear, socks or bathing suits  (except NWT)


    How much can you earn?

    We pay you 10-65% of the RESALE price of the clothes (up to 40% in cash or 65% in store credit) -  check out our shop to get a better idea of how we set our resale prices. The bigger the size, and the better the brand and the condition, the higher the percentage.  


    What can you do with the items we don't accept? 


    We are really picky when it comes to buying clothes - we want each piece to put a smile on its new owner’s face! Many of the clothes we do not purchase still have a lot of life in them! If you want your clothes back to pass along to your friends, no problem! We can also donate your clothes to our charity partner, New Circles and they can find a new home for them or recycle them. New Circles is looking for all sizes of clothing (not just kids!)

    Why we don't accept basic brands

    Experience tells us that you pay for what you get! The brands we sell are made with higher quality material that lasts longer. 



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