Our Story

Our story starts with the vivacious Chloe. Chloe was about to start spring tennis lessons, but when she tried on her beautiful white tennis shoes, they were too small! She had only worn them three times!

We can't help but love cute and well-made clothes. But, having five kids between us, we cringe at the thought of how much money we have spent on their clothes and share in the frustration at how quickly our kids grow out of them! High-quality clothes can stand up to some serious wear. Wouldn’t it be great to get a little something in return for all of the life left in them?

AND the impact of fast fashion is hard to ignore.  Why not get behind a solution?

Reality check - you don’t usually have the time or the energy to think about all of this. Most clothes are just passed to the person who will take them off your hands the fastest, likely the kid down the street...who doesn¹t even play tennis!

And so Little White Sneakers was formed.




Kara & Raegan (co-founders and cousins!)