Sustainable Fashion

Be part of the solution! Fast fashion, e.g. cheap, plentiful clothing cycled through stores quickly, has become a big problem!


You have heard the facts:

  • Canadians throw away 15lbs of textile waste, each, annually
  • The fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter
  • Donating to charity is not always eco-friendly or that helpful
  • The 1 in 6 people in the world that work in the global fashion industry don’t generally share the same rights or protections that we do.

You want to be socially conscious, you want to give back, but how do you find the time?! We get it! Join the sustainable fashion movement by selling and purchasing clothes through Little White Sneakers.


Do you have other practically new clothes that need a home? We have partnered with New Circles, a fantastic charity in the GTA, which redistributes gently used or new clothing, shoes and accessories for free to individuals and families in the GTA living on a low income, most are newcomers to Canada.   Let us know when scheduling your pick up that you have clothes to donate to New Circles, and we will pick these up from you and deliver them on your behalf!