Dressing for Daycare 1-2-3

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Starting daycare brings with it questions and worry for many families. Finding the right clothes for your child is often right at the top! Little White Sneakers is definitely the place to start! Make sure that every outfit you choose is daycare approved by asking  3 questions. Ensuring your child is dressed for success at daycare is as easy as 1-2-3.


 1. Is it simple?

For infant and toddler children snap closures are ideal – teachers will be changing diapers multiple times in the day and getting the job done quickly is the name of the game! Less wait time means that your kiddo and their friends can get back to the business of daycare fun! For older toddlers and preschoolers fostering independence is the name of the game! Send them in clothes they can pull up and down independently – ensuring that your child is developing a sense of themselves as capable. Elastic waistbands, Velcro shoes, zippers, big snaps and buttons are great. 



Save the following for use at home:

  • Suspenders
  • Lace up/ buckle up shoes
  • Belts
  • One piece outfits/suits/rompers
  • Clothes that do up in the back

2. Do I care about it?

There is a great quote floating around the internet that I really like: When your child comes home messy – look deeper: your child has been exploring and most of all your child has had fun!! Your child will get dirty at daycare, and clothes will stained. Darker colours, fabrics that wash well, short sleeves or sleeves that can be rolled up are key. Teachers do their best but even with smocks and bibs stains happen! So ask yourself if it comes home stained would I be upset?



3. Is it safe?

That hooded sweatshirt with bunny ears is super cute but that string presents a safety risk.


As a rule steer clear of:

  • Belts
  • Strings
  • Hoods
  • bracelets
  • watches
  • necklaces
  • Crocs
  • open toed sandals and flip flops
  • scarves


Finally, I always say: when in doubt ask you teacher! Collaboration and a strong home school connection is the goal.  They will appreciate your concern for making things as easy as possible and he or she will be more than happy to help!


Colleen McGoey

Vice President

Trust Child Care Centres

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