Introducing LWS Soft Pants!!

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We are so excited to introduce LWS Soft Pants.


Almost everyday parents come into our shop looking for comfortable pants that their little boys will actually wear! We don't get these pants through our resale program very often - they are the pants boys wear (hard!) every day! 

So, we enlisted help from Areta Gawrachynsky (fashion designer and founder of Oui Me apparel) and came up with a cool design that comfortably fits all body types. They're made of soft bamboo fabric for ultimate comfort, and look pretty cute too! And, they have been kid tested - perfect for running, playing and jumping around!


The pants come in sizes 2 - 10 and have a generous fit so there is room for kids to grow. We also added in a reinforced knee to help protect from playground wear and tear. 



We're launching these pants during Fashion Revolution week (and five years after the Rana Plaza collapse). We're proud to say they are made right here in Toronto! #whomadeyourclothes


Can't wait for you to try them out!! 

Kara & Raegan

Photo credit: Pictonat Photography




Kara & Raegan 



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